Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to BioéthiqueOnline will be evaluated (open, non-blinded) by two members of the Editorial Board (a section editor and another member of the Board), and if necessary, by the Executive Committee. Article submissions will also be peer-reviewed.

To ensure full transparency, the evaluating editors will be named on all publications. Manuscripts will be evaluated for originality, academic merit, pertinence and innovation, according to a standardized marking grid (which will be provided to authors). Manuscripts will then be accepted with minor or major revisions, or rejected if they do not meet the standards of BioéthiqueOnline. The editors will work with authors, to the extent that is reasonable, to help arrive at publications of the highest quality. The editors will respect requests from authors that a particular editor not review their submission, if these are well reasoned and practicable. When revisions are requested prior to final decision, revised papers must be received within 1 month.

Should an author be dissatisfied with an editorial decision, they may submit an appeal to the Executive Committee (, who will meet to review all pertinent documentation (manuscript, emails, evaluations, etc.) and render a final decision within 1 month.